Diversenfreude, U.K. Edition
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When I first coined "diversenfreude", I imagined a case where a "civil rights" crusader (the EEOC) itself was sued for racial discrimination.

Thanks to one Natasha Sivanandan of the United Kingdom, it's no longer a hypothetical.

High cost of compensation culture and 'human rights' A race equality campaigner has cost taxpayers more than Â?1 million by bringing a string of discrimination claims — several of them against anti-racism groups, By Ben Leach, Telegraph, UK, June 11, 2011
She actually sued an "anti-racist" group, the Hackney Action for Racial Equality, that allegedly racistly refused to hire her (she is Sri Lankan). Her payday was Â?425,000 (about $683,000), which she can spend from her Â?450,000 housing association property in London (a prize from a prior discrimination complaint). The group had to shut down, partly as a result of the suit.

All told, she's cost British taxpayers about a million pounds during her 25-year career as a serial discrimination suit filer, according to the Telegraph.

Can we get her to sue the Southern Poverty Law Center? Let's put serial litigators to good use, people.

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