In Defense Of Jeb Bush—Asian Birth Tourism Is A Real Problem!
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Jeb was right to point out Asian culpability in ripping off American citizens via birth tourism to get their children American citizenship. As I pointed out in VDARE in 2011, this ad for pregnant Chinese women who pay to give birth in Southern California itemizes the advantages of having an anchor baby:

Helpfully, itemizes the eight major benefits of paying them to make your baby a fake American:

The bad translations in italics are by Google Translate:

1. Your children born in the United States immediately with American identity, the enjoyment of civil rights; 21 years of age, parents can apply for dependents of permanent green card, without waiting for the quota, provide conditions for future immigrants.

Notice that the most relevant civil right that the Chinese baby will enjoy in the United States is the right to”provide conditions for future immigrants.” In other words, from a mainland Chinese perspective, civil right Number One is the right to chain migration. This “civil right” doesn't just help the anchor babies’ children, but also their parents and siblings. …

2. You are to the environment, education, the United States is the world’s most powerful countries, children are entitled to attend the next U.S. public elementary school to high school, completely free tuition.

… How much is thirteen years of free schooling worth, in the better sort of San Gabriel Valley public school districts? The minimum estimate of annual expenditures per student runs from $8,000 to over $10,000. Multiplied by 13 years, that's $104,000-$135,000 in American taxpayer dollars. But that badly underestimates total taxpayer expenditures because it leaves much out, especially capital investments. …

As a parent in the adjoining San Fernando Valley, I've been involved in many discussions of exactly what is the market value of being able to send a child to an exclusive San Gabriel public school versus a private school. I would guesstimate the going rate of 13 years of top suburban public education would now begin approaching a total of $200,000.

But, wait, wants you to know! There's more!

3. Your children's future public universities, research institutes tuition as long as 10% of foreign students, easy access to well-known universities

In other words, the University of California.

How much is this worth?

Public UCLA doesn't like to use the word “tuition”. But UCLA’s in-state “registration fees” for 2011-2012 will be $11,602. That’s not per semester—that's for the entire year. In contrast, private USC’s tuition and mandatory fees will be $42,818. Over four years, the difference between USC’s and UCLA’s tuition adds up to about $125,000.

But that's not all!

4. You can apply for the future of American children U.S. citizens can enjoy the scholarships, student loans low interest rate of 1%

In other words, financial aid for college. This is a biggie. You can get financial aid (both tuition discounts and taxpayer-subsidized federal loans) for American colleges, private and public, much more readily as a birth fraud citizen than as an honest foreigner.

This is not well understood within the United States. But it is increasingly well known among the billions abroad.

Most American colleges’ financial aid applications ask if the applicant is an American citizen. The applications make clear that less aid is available for foreigners without green cards.

For example, Stanford is one of the wealthiest colleges in the world. But it still expects most of its international students to pay its full list price tuition of $40,050 per year. …

5. Your child unconditionally leave the future of the United States in high-income jobs (average wage of 37,363 U.S. dollars per person per year), be given priority as the U.S. government, government agencies and large enterprises important leading positions

Americans are indoctrinated to think that the reason we are, on average and by global standards,comfortable—is because of our “propositions” or “diversity” or “immigration” or whatever. But the main reason, of course, is that there weren't enough American Indians to stop us from taking America away from them.

The Chinese get it. Do we?

The latter part of’s selling proposition refers to the hiring preferences given American citizens for many government and big corporate jobs, such as, say, defense contractors.

Of course, those preferences are based on obsolete nativist paranoia! From Klaus Fuchs on down, when has a foreign-raised defense worker ever caused a security breach? …

6. Your children's future diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries enjoy visa-free entry, the best to facilitate the entry and exit

Finally, we get to passports! It’s true, of course, that it can sometimes be easier to visit a foreign country as a tourist or a business traveler if you are an American citizen. Some countries are more likely to give the fish eye to Chinese nationals than to American citizens. Why? Because you already have the right to live in the U.S. —so why would you want to illegally immigrate to their overcrowded country?’ continues:

7. Your child's future with the U.S. Social Security card, to enjoy various social welfare measures, the United States and medical equipment

Self-explanatory, I hope (or fear).

8. Your children face the future place of residence if the war, the United States citizenship are entitled to protect the evacuation of U.S. government

For example, if your Chinese kid is working for a Chinese oil company in some Middle Eastern oil country, and suddenly the place turns into a real life Mad Max movie, the Pentagon will airlift him out—gratis!

Benjamin Franklin pointed out in the 1750s that Americans lived better than Europeans because there were fewer of them relative to the continent’s available resources. The Preamble to the Constitution makes clear that the main purpose of the federal government's existence: to “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” (How come the 55-word Preamble is seldom listed as one of the propositions?

Yet the reigning dogmas promulgated today is the more, the merrier! We Americans should be proud and happy that tens of millions of foreigners are conniving their way in. The more immigrants that jostle us, the more awesome we know we must be.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

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