In Canada, MSM Gloats, Immigration Isn't Even An Issue!
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Toronto Globe and Mail opinion writer John Ibbitson, a long-time immigration Pollyanna, is gloating over the lack of any debate about immigration in Canada’s federal election campaign in Immigration isn’t an election issue and that’s something to celebrate, August 20, 2021.

There are plenty of issues being fought over in this election campaign, from the economy to vaccines to Afghanistan. But immigration in this country is not an issue, for which we should rejoice.

Canadians, you see, are more sensible than their American neighbours, some of whom actually care about, shudder, race!

New census data revealed that the white population in the United States shrank by 8.6 per cent between 2010 and 2020. This may be the result of a declining fertility rate, or of an increase in the number of Americans who declare they are multiracial, or both. Whatever the reason, America becomes more racially diverse each year.
While many white Americans are fine with this, others resent the decline of white dominance. Replacement theory – an obnoxious, racist rant that maintains immigrants who vote Democratic are being imported to replace white Republicans – is coming out of the shadows.

Canadians are also better than the Germans and other Europeans who also have inexplicable concerns about unregulated refugee flows:

Europe is also torn. “2015 mustn’t be repeated,” German politicians declared this week, including major figures in the Christian Democratic Union, the party of departing Chancellor Angela Merkel. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and elsewhere flooded Europe that year. There are strong anti-immigration parties in almost every European parliament.

Canadians, on the other hand, are smart, because we know immigrants are better than us!

Canada brings in, per capita, more immigrants than any other country for mostly selfish reasons. Immigrants are often better educated than native-born Canadians. They compensate for labour shortages, start businesses and pay taxes that support the health care and pension needs of an aging Canadian society.

Canadians should rejoice. We are being replaced!

But the fact remains that a fifth of all Canadians were not born in Canada, that we are arguably the most diverse society on Earth. That no major political party has a problem with this is something to celebrate.

Except for immigrant restrictionist Canadian voters (at least 3/5ths of Canadians) who have no party to vote for. [Poll suggests majority of Canadians favour limiting immigration levels, by Teresa Wright,  The Canadian Press, June 16, 2019]

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