In 2021, We Should #CrushTheCurve on MSM Use of Virulent Hate Terms Like "Racist"
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During The Great Awokening of the last 7 years or so, the use of virulent hate jargon like “racist” and “racism” grew exponentially in the Prestige Press.

Our next project after the current health crisis is over to restore our culture to health ought to be to #FlattenTheCurve on the exponential growth of intellectually debilitating terms like “racism.” We must radically lower the R0 in the Mainstream Media on the use of tendentious hate words like “racist” so these infections of angry jargon begin to die out.

I wonder if the curve on anti-white and anti-male viral jargon has already been getting flattened in the last couple of weeks as the surfeit of Real News has been pushing traditional Fake News, such as Hate Hoaxes, out of the news media?

Superspreaders like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Amy Harmon, Ibram X. Kendi, Angela Saini, Roxane Gay, and Robin DiAngelo should be strongly encouraged to intellectually self-isolate until they stop displaying symptoms of hate and stupidity.

If you find yourself in close contact with a New York Times oped about how the real victim of the coronavirus crisis is women of color’s hair, back away quickly and then self-apply a sizable squirt of brain sanitizer.

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