Impeach Kritarch John Bryant: Immigration Judge "Delays" Immigration Hearings For FOUR YEARS
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The Immigration Court Amnesty for juvenile illegal aliens continues apace as Immigration Judge John Bryant has decided, against alleged orders from the Obama Regime, to delay immigration hearings for juvenile illegal aliens. September 3, 2014 By Brittany M. Hughes

Judge Sets Hearings for Illegal Alien Minors—4 Years From Now

Seventeen-year-old Cristian stepped through the swinging wooden door separating the crowded waiting area from the judge’s bench, straightening his slightly-too-big dress shirt as he slid behind the defendant's desk. As his lawyer took the seat beside him, Cristian slipped on the court-provided headphones so he could hear the Spanish-speaking translator as his lawyer began to speak.

After a few pleasantries, Cristian’s lawyer told Immigration Judge John M. Bryant that his client conceded to the charge of being an undocumented alien in the United States and was subject to potential removal. Cristian wanted to plead for asylum for “protection from torture,” and “declined to state his country of removal at this time,” the lawyer added.

Within a minute, Bryant had accepted the plea and scheduled a hearing in which the court will determine if Cristian is eligible to receive asylum. The date was set for June 11, 2018.

The Obama Regime is claiming that immigration hearings for juvenile illegal aliens are being expedited, but it appears that Bryant either did not get the word, or the claim from the Regime about fast-tracking hearings for readily deportable illegal aliens from the border surge is a lie, which is the more likely of the two as one reads below.

What Bryant should have done was move quickly and order the attorney for the illegal alien to immediately state the basis of the claim for protection from torture, which is itself unusual, in that this appears to be not an asylum claim, but a claim under the Convention Against Torture (CAT). Such a claim would have to be well documented and alleging that the government of the country of which the alien fled would torture the alien if he was removed to that country. Also of note, the illegal alien refused to admit to his country of nationality, or, more accurately, the country to which he is deportable, which is also a requirement when an alien concedes deportability before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

Bryant should have ruled immediately on the basis of the claim for either asylum or protection under CAT and finding that the claim was baseless, as all claims of asylum from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are, and ordered the illegal alien deported.

Instead, flippantly, Bryant wished the juvenile illegal alien luck with his year of free schooling at the expense of the American tax-payer.

“Are you available that day?” Bryant jokingly asked the lawyer.

“I don’t have my 2018 calendar in front of me, but yes, I believe so,” the lawyer responded.

“Okay, good. Have a good school year,” Bryant told Cristian. “I’ll see you in a few years, okay?”

It is clear that Bryant has no respect for immigration law and is managing his own amnesty for illegal aliens by ignoring orders to fast-track these hearings and expeditiously order removal for these illegal aliens. Bryant hopes that by delaying deportation, the illegal aliens will ensconce themselves in the United States and then four years from now when asylum is denied, claim they cannot be deported to somewhere they haven't lived for years.

And it was not just one case, but all the cases before Bryant that got the Immigration Court Amnesty:

The revolving door of the U.S. immigration system was in constant motion Tuesday morning in Courtroom 6 of the Arlington Immigration Court, as a steady stream of undocumented alien children piled in to the small space in hopes of being granted permission to stay in the United States.

Three cases were ready to plead for asylum, and all received hearing dates set for June, 2018.

By that time, all three children — currently teenagers — will be well into adulthood. Most of the children had shown up for a “master hearing,” or a first appearance in court, and were not yet required to make an official plea.

To help put them at ease, Bryant began the long line of hearings by telling the assembled children that they were “special.”

“This is all about you,” he told the children. “You’re so special we have a docket just for you.”

Apparently illegal immigration is a big joke for John Bryant. Time to wipe the smile off his face and impeach him and the other immigration judges making their own amnesty.

You can also call him at (703) 603-1300 and let him know his behavior is unacceptable.

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