Immigration Squishess To Give GOP's "Mommy Address" Response To SOTU
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Thinking Housewife's Laura Wood is perhaps best known to readers for her deeply Christian act in taking the much-missed immigration patriot blogger Lawrence Auster into her home in the final weeks before his death from cancer almost a year ago.

Her recent blog entry goes beyond's tight focus on America's immigration disaster, but perhaps because I have small children it hit home to me:

THE GOP loves to break new boundaries when it comes to feminist family values. Thus the choice of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to respond to the President’s State of the Union address is no surprise. Rodgers gave birth to her third child two months ago and has two other young children, whom she also gave birth to in office. Take that, all you forward-looking Democrats. The Stupid Party loves equality too! Maybe one day, a woman can give the address from the actual maternity ward! Rodgers is of course going to deliver a speech that emphasizes the importance of family. Aw, shucks. How moving that magic word “family” is. I bet she will tell us how much she understands “working families,” as if her life is anything like that of the schlep who picks up her children at daycare every day and then feeds them left-over pizza.

How much longer will the women of America put up with this nonsense? Even so-called conservatives gleefully destroy the social institution of motherhood while avowing their commitment to family.

The Mommy Address, January 24, 2014, Emphases added.

On a wild intuition, I looked up Rodgers' NumbersUSA ranking: Career B, but in this appalling Congress C+.

She will go far. But it may be downward.

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