Immigration Reformer Improves From "Trash" To "Fascist Pig"
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few weeks ago you no doubt were stunned to read here that I was "knuckle-dragging, white trash"." Heeding my parents advice of long ago that there is "always room for improvement," I have worked very hard since my last report and now can say with great pride that in the eyes of some I have evolved into a "fascist pig" who "hunts and traps [illegal] immigrants." This is the sort of welcome I and others received as we arrived Oct. 15 at the first ChicagoMinutemanProject (CMP) meeting in Arlington Heights, Illinois, to exercise our First Amendment rights. (You don't want to know the name given to a speaker at this event, FAIR's Susan Tully (e-mail her), who nevertheless boasted, "That's a first for me!") As I climbed the steps to the front door, a mangy, 20-something demonstrator rushed up to me and a few others standing near the door and began photographing us and mumbling the usual about those of us in the immigration reduction movement. What makes these individuals look even more intellectually sterile than they actually are is that among CMP's speakers that day were Canyon County, Idaho, Commissioner Robert Vasquez, a decorated Vietnam veteran who lost a leg in that conflict; Yeh-Ling-Ling, Terry Anderson, Keith Butler and Kevin Fobbs. To no one's great surprise, Oscar Avila (e-mail him), the Chicago Tribune's agenda-driven "immigration reporter," took note of these speakers in this manner:

"Sensitive to charges of racism, organizers invited speakers of Mexican, Chinese and African-American descent."

There were many highlights in this day-long event, including police officers from nine surrounding communities showing up (some in full riot gear) and armed personnel periodically checking the roof of our building, but the one that will stick in my mind the longest was the announcement late in the afternoon that an unidentified person had slashed two tires on a vehicle owned by one of our attendees (also a Vietnam veteran). And I'd like to say a few words to that mental and moral Neanderthal: First, Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, asked that we each kick in a few dollars to help replace the tires. After a few minutes of "passing the hat," we had collected about $400. The veteran whose vehicle was vandalized immediately donated the money to the MinutemanProject. How do you feel knowing that you have just helped to fund a movement now active in seven states and growing each day? Secondly, our meeting was held in a soundproof room so we heard none of the mindless gibberish shouted by you and your intolerant and undisciplined ilk. Finally, you came to intimidate and threaten "vigilantes" and all you were able to accomplish was to make a group of ordinary, law abiding citizens even more determined to restore respect for the rule of law. P.S. I want to thank ChicagoMinutemanProject cofounders Rosanna Pulido (e-mail her) and Rick Biesada (e-mail him), who, in cooperation with IFIRE representatives Cheree Calabro (e-mail her) and Greg Serbon (e-mail him), made this event possible. Well done, my friends. You made us all proud.

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