Immigration Patriots` Secret Weapon: Hispanic Arrogance
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Ultimately, one of the best assets Immigration Patriots have is the astonishing, amazing and abrasive arrogance of the Hispanic Advocacy groups.

Consider this: apparently in Missouri, a grass-roots outfit, Missourians Against Illegal Immigration, has raised the money to place newspaper advertisements supporting SB858, a bill in the Missouri Senate which would ban drivers licenses and public assistance being given to illegal immigrants, and sanction their employers. Anti-illegal immigration group makes push for Senate bill by Melissa Huffer, Columbia Missourian, May 8, 2008

The bill is being stalled in the State Senate, which recesses next week.

Janet Renner (email her), who founded Missourians Against Illegal Immigration, is associated with FAIR, which the Columbia Missourian breathlessly notes

...was labeled an active U.S. hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to the center's Web site.

This, of course, is an honor shared with, and is a fine example of how SPLC terrorism works.

However, the gem in the report comes at the end: the effort is opposed by

Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, an umbrella organization formed to promote immigrants' rights

the "chair" of which, Joan Suarez, opines of Missourians Against Illegal Immigration

"They are a group with relatively little sway...If anything, they are citizen lobbyists"

Citizen Lobbyists! Applying themselves to influencing a State legislature! Disgusting!

Matters are handled much better in Latin America!

Explain the USA to Joan Suarez

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