Beltway Right Attacks FAIR
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Peter Brimelow writes: The Beltway Conservative Establishment is experimenting with two techniques to suppress FAIR [], the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

(1) FAIR is an extreme left-wing, atheistic, population-control group, witness the presence on its board of Garrett Hardin, probably the most prominent U.S. humanist intellectual. This line is generally used with credulous Christians, especially Catholics.

(2) FAIR is an extreme right-wing, racist group, witness its accepting money (a little, a long time ago, but never mind) from the Pioneer Fund [] which like an Irish monastery has kept the study of human differences alive during the long egalitarian Dark Age and which is therefore tarred as neo-Nazi. This line is generally used with neoconservatives, always secretly suspicious of their new allies from Out There in America; and with Country Club Republicans, always anxious to avoid a scene, above all over ideas.

The interesting thing about Damon B. Ansell's July 26, 2000 Washington Times column "'FAIR' targets Abraham" is that it mixes both techniques. Maybe Ansell, a PR man for a tax-cut lobby, got his clipfiles confused.

In fact, of course, FAIR is a coalition - like any other movement designed to advance a new cause that cuts across traditional political lines. (For that matter Dow Jones has Vernon Jordan on its board - does that mean the Wall Street Journal favors affirmative action?) (Well, come to think of it, its opposition has been pretty feeble).

VDARE is a coalition too. John W. Wall, our house environmentalist/ militant pro-choicer (alas), responds to Ansell. He wields a mean scattergun. Apologies in advance to injured friends!

'Fair' targets Abraham

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