Immigration Pandering Not Enough To Win Hispanic Vote—GOP Take Note!
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Mickey Kaus reports
Bye, Bye Immigration? I've now heard two Latino commentators—an NPR academic and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa—argue that it's mistaken to try to appeal to Latinos only through the issue of immigration, Latinos also care deeply about schools, economic development, etc.Now they tell us! For years we've been hearing little except the argument that anyone who doesn't deliver on "comprehensive immigration reform" was going to lose the crucial sleeping giant ethnic swing vote for a generation. Suddenly it's 'Don't be condescending. There are other ways to win over Hispanics.' Glad to hear it.Obama's double-bubble trouble. - By Mickey Kaus - Slate Magazine
The larger point her is that what Villaraigosa means is that an American politician can only win the Mexican-American vote by being a Democrat. The issues that Hispanic voters care about are all government spending issues, plus a certain amount of bilingualism and racial preferences. But even leaving the specific racial and language issues aside, the issues they're for are the issues the Reagan Coalition and 1994 Congressional Republicans fought against. See Why The Majority Of Mexican Immigrants Are Not Going To Vote For The GOP by Allan Wall for details. And that means that only one political party .can benefit from Hispanic immigration in the long run, and that's the Democrats
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