How Many Hispanic Democratic Voters In California? A Lot. Does It Matter? No.
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More from Mickey Kaus:
29%: Did Latinos really make up 29% of California Democratic voters, and blacks only 6%? Those are the numbers from the exit polls you hear bandied about—but there appear be some doubters. ... In the 2004 Dem primary—admittedly, not an early and exciting contest like this years—the figures were 16% Latino, 8% black, notes Blumenthal. How did the African American share go down with Obama in the race? ... Update: Are missing absentee ballots the explanation? ...
There's more, including a valuable anecdote indicating lack of Latino interest in voting. There are a lot of Latinos in California, but many are non-citizens, and don't vote even in general elections, let alone primaries. Those immigrants who are citizens don't vote that much either. The Hispanic voting share declined in 2004.When they do vote, of course, they tend to vote Democratic. That's why Sam Francis wrote in 2003 that Whites, Not Hispanics, Are The Swing Vote In California. Are Republican strategists listening?
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