Immigration means...$15 sex?
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It is axiomatic that immigration causes pressure on the wage levels of competing workers. Less often agreed is the concept that certain immigration can be destructive of the moral standards of Society. A perfect proof of both assertions appeared in Friday’s New York Post:


Teens at a Lower East Side high school were getting their sex education outside the classroom after being targeted by pimps who lured them to a nearby brothel and enticed them with cut-rate romps…Police sources said that a pingpong hall was a front for the whorehouse in the back of the establishment, and that it was run by Benjie Zheng, 47, who lived a few blocks away, and Ming Liuchang, 48, of Queens.

The men would try to lure students to the Robo-Pong Training Center by distributing business cards outside the school, sources said. The cards were printed only with a contact number, an image of a topless woman - and a word, "Good."… Zheng and Liuchang allegedly recruited immigrant women off the street to peddle flesh in hidden rooms at the center, whose hours were posted on a sign adorned with rulers and pencils and the words "School Days." …

Two undercover detectives paid cash after Zheng told them, "You can pick any of these girls for sex, and it will cost you $35," according a criminal court complaint…."It was obvious that they were targeting young students, because the prices were so low," said one disgusted police official, adding, "Most brothels charge at least $100."

The women allegedly would return the cards to Zheng at the end of their shifts, receiving $15 for each one.

One reads that this kind of corruption is normal in Asiatic cities… but in New York?

More obviously, it will come as a surprise to most who frequent New York that anything of importance can be purchased for $15.

The discounting these immigrant entrepreneurs resorted to obviously stems from competitive pressure, rather than educational philanthropism. Elementary economic analysis suggests something appalling has happened on the Lower East Side.

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