Memories Of McGovern—And The National Question
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September 29, 2007, 10:11 PM
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Are you old enough to remember this McGovern proposal? I am, and so are the guys at the Powerline blog:

George McGovern, who was crushed by Richard Nixon in a landslide in 1972, has gone down in history as one of our most feckless Presidential candidates. McGovern ran on a far-left platform that included a proposal that at the time was deemed risible—the "demogrant." The demogrant program was simple: the federal government would write a check for $1,000 to every American. In 1972, that idea was so widely ridiculed as over-the-top pandering, as well as economically pointless—even Hubert Humphrey savaged it—that McGovern quietly abandoned the idea.

But the demogrant has returned! Today, Hillary Clinton unveiled her own demogrant proposal: every newborn American baby will get a birthday present from the federal government in the form of a $5,000 check. Buying votes, I guess, is something that never goes out of style.Power Line: The Second Coming of George McGovern

I was struck by a line later in the item, where it`s noted that Hillary

"apparently first sketched it out in her 2006 speech to the Democratic Leadership Council unveiling the DLC`s American Dream Initiative. In that speech she proposed "providing a baby bond to each of the 4 million children born in America every year, a $500 savings bond at birth and again at age 10."

My first thought was "Each of the 4 million children born in America every year?" Couldn`t they limit it to American kids? And then I remembered, each of the 4 million children born in America every year is an American citizen, whether the American people like it or not.

And that`s going to be a continuing problem for programs to help the poor in America—they won`t generate a lot of enthusiasm if they`re seen as programs for transferring money from one ethnic group to another. Hillary unveiled this proposal at a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus. It would go over well with La Raza, too. White voters—not so much.

See Steve Sailer`s More Diversity = Less Welfare? for more.