Immigration Lawyers Post Outdated Alien Nation Review
Print Friendly and PDF, a major immigration lawyers website, recently posted a review of Alien Nation by free-market economist Mark Skousen. Originally published in The Freeman, which not otherwise anti-Brimelow, it's for open borders, and against any form of border control.

I have no idea why the immigration lawyers have posted a thirteen year old review, most of which has been "overtaken by events," as they say, but they should know that we've posted exactly the same review on, with permission, for over seven years, so it's not as if it comes as a surprise, and most of the arguments in it are refuted somewhere on this site. There's a weird, time-travel quality to reading things like "Finally, he endorses building a huge barrier along the U.S. -Mexico border, something akin to a Berlin Wall."

Now everyone endorses it, and it's been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. They haven't actually built the thing, of course, but Brimelow's  ideas are becoming more mainstream.

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