A Fistful of Diversity
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The idea that Clint Eastwood has made a film about embracing diversity is disappointing, to say the least. Didn't he once have at least some conservative tendencies?

Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a grizzled Korean War vet who has never been the most sociable of men. When his beloved wife dies, he becomes downright ornery, pushing away his grown kids, the local priest (Christopher Carley), and his neighbors, a family of Hmong immigrants that includes teenage Thao (Bee Vang).
Walt just wants to be left alone, but his plans go awry when Thao tries to steal his 1972 Gran Torino as part of a gang initiation rite. Since Walt is played by Eastwood in Dirty Harry mode, the gangbangers soon learn a lesson they're not likely to forget. But much to his own surprise (if not ours), Walt learns a few lessons too, as he tries to teach the confused Thao what it means to be a real man. [With 'Gran Torino,' nobody gangs up on Clint Eastwood, New York Daily News, Dec 11, 2008]

Somehow, I am guessing that the film will leave out the unpleasant aspects of Hmong culture, such as horse-eating, animal sacrifice, shamanistic medical treatment, marriage by capture, polygamy, gang culture (including rape gangs), disinterest in obeying the law, a highly misogynist value system, and an aversion to education particularly for women.

Of course, it's not the fault of any individual Hmong that they come from a primitive culture; the fault lies with the Refugee Industrial Complex that lobbies the government to import the most backward people possible, who will require lots of expensive assistance. Refugees with the skills to become independent are not what the professional resettlement workers want. So Americans are stuck with retro refugees who need instruction to operate a light switch or faucet.

Plus, the economic climate means that importing thousands more refugees of any tribe makes no sense, and even the MSM is starting to realize that American society has its limits: America provides refuge, but not always prosperity.

Anyway, after that digression, the film trailer is below.

Here's some vintage Clint, just so we won't forget...

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