Immigration Debate Update: Senator Durbin Wraps Up The Day
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I can't stand Senator Durbin...I mean I loathe the man.

He is supposed to be the last Senator to speak this evening and of course, he is spinning anecdotal yarns about poor people "without documentation" that have super-duper talent.

A little musical prodigy trying to get into illegal alien from Korea...the contributions she would make to our nation.

Guess what? She would make a great contribution and I hope she gets the I have an anecdote of my own:

Fredil Omar Rodriguez-Fuentes is an illegal alien living in Pennsylvania. Last June, he broke into the home of 20 year-old Carly Snyder and stabbed her 37 times!! Oh...and this murderer or "person without documentation" failed to appear at a hearing in October 2001 where a judge had already ordered him deported. (story here)

The Senate will resume debate tomorrow morning and I will be back to update readers throughout the day...let's hope it goes better tomorrow, huh?

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