More Hispanic hype hogwash from Fabian Nunez
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You have to admire the tenacity of the California Latino Caucus for dragging out, time after time, the same old tedious threat that Republican candidates for high state office had better be nice to Hispanics or else the GOP will face the dreaded Pete Wilson fate.

Yesterday California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez told Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that unless he comes out strongly against H.R. 4437 and advocates amnesty for illegal aliens, Hispanic voters would abandon him and vote in November for the Democratic candidate.

Said Nunez:

“I think all of this has been a wake-up call for the Republican Party, that you can't pander to the right by picking on immigrants it's not going to work anymore.”

(“Nunez Warns Schwarzenegger, GOP on Immigration,” by Erica Werner, Associated Press, March 29, 2006)

Nunez’s crazy comment assumes that the California GOP has actually won anything in recent years. Before Schwarzenegger’s fluke election, the ash heap of Republican candidates for Senate and Governor included Bill Jones, Bill Simon, Dan Lungren, Matt Fong, Tom Campbell…have I missed anyone?

For the umpteenth time, the last Republican to win a traditional California election was Pete Wilson in 1994 when he ran on a strong anti-illegal immigration platform.

What would serve Schwarzenegger best would be if he stopped his waffling (he favors guest workers but opposes amnesty) and took a Wilson-like stance.

(More from Steve Sailer on this enduring myth).

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