Immigration Debate Update: Immigrant Hardship Story Competition
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Sorry I've been absent this afternoon, our blogging server thing was down but it appears James Fulford has taken care of it!

Here's what you missed: My Immigrant Hardship Story Is Worse than Yours!

Senator #1: My parents immigrated from Lithuania in 1906 after swimming across the North Atlantic, fighting off sharks and killer whales with nothing but the shoelaces from their only pair of shoes and receiving the name "Smith" from officials at Ellis Island. Eventually landing in Mistletoe, Missouri, my father worked as dog washer at the greyhound track and my mother spent her days collecting scraps of food tossed out by the wealthy, white Americans on the other side of town—and we were grateful for every potato peeling! Today, their son is a U.S. Senator...

Senator#2: After centuries of torture at the hands of a hostile communist regime, my grandparents fled their native Canada for the free land of Montana. Life wasn't grandfather worked as a buffalo castrater and my grandmother washed clothes for wealthy white American families on the other side of the prairie. Today, their grandson is a U.S. Senator...

Seriously pathetic...and these were the Republicans.

Tonight, Senator Mc Cain will make an appearance on Hannity and Colmes to argue the merits of his amnesty plan...I'll watch and blog.

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