Immigration Deal: Return of the Gang of Eight--Which Way Will Trump Jump?
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As promised last week on Radio Derb, the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives has brought forth proposals for legislation, and those proposals are just as bad as I told you they would be.

Chris Chmielenski over at NumbersUSA has all the grisly details. As Chris says, it's basically the good old Gang of Eight bill from five years ago. Don't be looking for any originality from the Stupid Party, not even originality in folly. Paul Ryan and his stooges think they can pull the same stupid stunt all over again.

So what exactly is in the draft legislation? Mainly of course a huge amnesty: officially 1.8 million new legal residents, but for all anyone knows it could be twice that number.

Border security? Well, there is $25 billion for that, but no guarantee it will actually be spent, certainly not all of it on a physical wall.

The diversity visa lottery? Eliminated … but the annual 55,000 permanent residency cards will be re-assigned to more deserving cases, e.g. cheap computer programmers from India.

Chain migration? Some tinkering round the edges; but again, no reduction in numbers. The green cards not now issued to your fourth cousin's first wife's third cousin's step-brother's niece will now just go to yet more cheap programmers for Disney and Con Ed.

Compulsory E-Verify? Entry-exit visa tracking? Cutbacks on H-1B and other guest-worker visas? Not a hope.

Strict low limits on student visas? Cancellation of the investor visa scam? In your dreams, pal.

A legislative challenge to birthright citizenship? An end to the refugee resettlement rackets? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR TINY MIND?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who feels about immigration legislation the way vampires feel about garlic, mumbled that if Ryan's bill passed the House he would, quote, "take a look at it." Be careful that look doesn't last more than a millisecond, Mitch; you might be turned into stone … not that anyone would notice.

So here goes the GOP, once again strolling nonchalantly past that hundred-dollar bill lying there on the sidewalk: genuflecting to their donors while blowing raspberries at their voters. Way to look strong for the midterms, guys.

In a TV interview Friday morning, the President said he would not support the Ryan bill.

Then we hear from the Guardian that the "White House" (deputy press secretary Raj Shah) says he will.

And the New York Times, in a story posted yesterday, asks Will He or Won’t He? Conflicting Trump Messages Sow Immigration Confusion.

That's what people who voted for Trump would like to know. Peter Brimelow emails that "it all hangs on Mount Trump eruption, as usual."

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