Immigration Court Kritarchs Administering Their Own Amnesty Again
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One of the few good things former Attorney General Jeff Sessions did was to rein in the bureaucrats in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). I say few because Jeff Sessions let the Deep State run a coup d’état under his very nose; Rod Rosenstein, Sessions’ handpicked Deputy Attorney General, was the locus of the Deep State conspiracy against President Donald Trump. Sessions correctly identified the subversives in the EOIR as a threat to immigration enforcement and moved to decertify their union and establish performance standards for the junior kritarchs in the Deep State. Back in 2010, I identified the kritarchs in the immigration bureaucracy as conducting their own amnesty for illegal aliens, which continued over the years.

The Trump Administration tried to clamp down on rogue kritarchs in the EOIR, but nothing has stuck. The kritarchs in the EOIR have again renewed their administrative amnesty. Freed from any scrutiny or control, the kritarchs are flooding America with fraudulent amnesty claimants.

The odds of asylum seekers winning their case in a U.S. immigration court climbed in the first year of the Biden administration, even as the number of cases adjudicated declined.

Asylum seekers’ rate of success in U.S. immigration courts rose to 37% in the fiscal year that ended in September from 29% in the prior fiscal year during the Trump administration, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which collects and analyzes federal immigration data.

U.S. immigration judges made 23,827 asylum decisions in fiscal 2021, down from 60,079 decisions in fiscal 2020…

“One of the things that has changed is that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has turned over some of the more important precedent-setting cases from the Trump administration, like restoring the domestic violence basis for asylum,” said Austin Kocher, an author of the TRAC report and assistant professor at Syracuse University.

[Asylum Seekers’ Odds Of Winning Relief In Immigration Court Rise Under Biden Administration, by Lauren Villagran, El Paso Times/Yahoo News, December 23, 2021]

This is a one-two punch, with Attorney General Garland changing policies, giving the kritarchs free reign to approve any fraudulent claim and not having to worry about any supervision or reversal, much less personnel action for protecting illegal aliens. A Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty to accompany the Immigration Court Amnesty.

Of course, this is the real Biden plan. They have realized that losing control of the border was a bad move, bringing attention to their plan to flood the nation and destroy the white majority. Instead they are looking to bring the Administrative Amnesty out of the limelight of a broken border and hide the amnesty in the immigration courts or in the asylum and refugee system; just approve every application for asylum and refugee status in the courts or by asylum officers. A much more discreet way to elect a new people than just opening the borders.


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