Immigration At McDonald's
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Here's report from the Duke University school paper on the Peter Brimelow Vs. Peter Laufer debate:

Immigration authors debate border issues

By Cosette Wong, Duke Chronicle March 28 2007

Are we a nation of immigrants? When Peter Laufer grabbed a bite to eat at Duke's McDonald's Tuesday, the woman who took his order in Spanish answered the question for him.

"The sweet woman behind the counter didn't bat an eye," said Laufer, an author whose belief that the United States should open the border to immigration placed him at one end of a debate sponsored by the Duke Conservative Union Tuesday evening. "The pat, easy answer, of course, is 'Yeah.'"

Boy, that is the pat, easy, answer, isn't it? I have a question for that woman—is where you come from a nation of immigrants? Can the US send people it doesn't want there to take jobs from the local citizens? Or are is there some kind of Army standing in the way?

Later Laufer discussed the economic problems that America would suffer if illegals were all gone:

"What does it do to our country in terms of our pocketbooks?" he asked. "We don't know, [but] we know the truth of the film 'A Day Without a Mexican.'"

Well, no, we don't. A Day Without A Mexican is a science fiction film made with the explicit purpose of spreading pro-immigration propaganda. That's like saying "We all know the truth of The Day The Earth Stood Still."

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