Immigrants Committing Slavery: Hindu Temple Using Untouchable Workers As Slaves In New Jersey
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Earlier, by James Fulford: The Immigrants Who Bring Their Slaves To America, And The Press That Doesn't Want You To Know

For all you hear about the evils of slavery—abolished in the U.S. 156 years, 94 days ago, after a bloody Civil War—you don't hear much about how it's a custom completely foreign to the United States and Great Britain, and only imported into the US because it's completely normal in Africa.

What you really don't hear about, because it's generally hidden under headlines like "New York Woman" and "Texas Couple" is that slavery in the United States today is almost exclusively committed by immigrants enslaving other immigrants.

And a large number of the slavers are Indian:

This story [Hindu Sect Is Accused of Using Forced Labor to Build N.J. Temple, NYT, ] says a Robbinsville, NJ temple of the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) sect of Hinduism imported low-caste workers—Untouchables, also known as Dalits—on R-1 religious visas, claiming they were volunteers, and also claiming they were skilled stone-workers. (The temple is supposed to be the world's largest, and uses a lot of carved stone.)

Then it used them as slave labor:

They were asked to sign several documents, often in English, and instructed to tell U.S. embassy staffers that they were skilled carvers or decorative painters, the complaint said.

Lawyers for the men, however, said they did manual labor on the site, working nearly 13 hours a day lifting large stones, operating cranes and other heavy machinery, building roads and storm sewers, digging ditches and shoveling snow, all for the equivalent of about $450 per month. They were paid $50 in cash, with the rest deposited in accounts in India, the complaint said.

If this case goes forward, by the way, it's likely that they'll stay in the U.S., on Federally provided T-1 "Trafficking" Visas.



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