Immigrant Voters From Homophobistan Elect Conservative Mayor In Toronto
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In Toronto, Canada, the recent mayoral election featured one candidate running on the Stuff White People Like ticket, a gay man with a husband and an adopted son, and a candidate running the on the Stuff White People REALLY Like ticket, a stout conservative who is Not Gay At All.

There's more to both men's positions than that, but that seems to have been enough for immigrant voters from Homophobistan. Kathy Shaidle writes from the "multicultural paradise" that is Toronto

"For decades, we racist troglodytes tried to warn you: those immigrants you say you love? They bring more to Canada than spicy food and colorful costumes.

They have their own "Old Country" values, and those may not be compatible with "your" Canada, or "mine."

Oh, sure. They force a thin smile onto their faces, and nod politely at the watercooler when you tell them how much fun you and your children had at the Gay Pride Parade over the weekend. They pretend to sympathize when you pretend to worry about putting granny in a home. While you giggle at the latest adventures on Sex and the City, the pretty 25-year-old Hindu virgin in the cubicle next to you thinks about her two wedding gowns and hopes you won't try to include her in the conversation.

This year, Toronto officially became a "minority majority" city.

Last night, Rob Ford was elected mayor of Toronto.

The fundraisers I attended for Rob Ford were among the more "multicultural" events I've ever been to in my 20+ years in this "multicultural" city.

But the local media is trying to spin the Rob Ford victory as the last gasp of the Angry White Male.

And there were lots of Angry White Males all over Twitter last night, believe me.

They'd all voted for George Smitherman — an urbane, left-leaning failure at every (government) job he's ever had.

Smitherman also has a "husband" and a son.

Someone decided to make an issue of that on the last day of the campaign.

Smitherman supporters were outraged at these displays of blatant homophobia, and tried desperately to ignore the fact that the ads and flyers (regardless of their dubious origins) were addressed — not to Angry White Males, but to Muslims and Tamils.

[I take back everything I said about immigration! Thanks, foreigners!!, October 26, 2010]

The late Pim Fortuyn used to make the point that if you were from Homophobistan, you shouldn't move to a gay-friendly place like the Netherlands. And then he became the late Pim Fortuyn.

Also worth noting—the whole thing was unexpected by Toronto pollsters. This could partly be from the Bradley Effect, where white people will tell pollsters that they'll vote for the black candidate, because that's politically correct, but when they get alone in the voting booth, they'll vote for the white candidate after all.

That would be the regular Canadian sports fans and working men saying, when asked, "Yeah, sure, I'll vote for the gay candidate," but not actually doing it. But Toronto is so multicultural that pollsters must get a lot of people who don't respond to polling because they don't really speak English. Those are the people who would vote against the gay candidate in droves.

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