Immigrant Mass Murder Query: Was Henry Bello, The Black Doctor Who Shot Up Bronx Hospital A Nigerian?
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Earlier: ANOTHER Disgruntled Minority Massacre: Black M.D., Dr. Henry Bello, Former Employee Is Bronx Hospital Shooter

Someone on Twitter posted this screenshot of the late Dr. Henry Bello's NY State Medical Permit, issued just under two years ago, and expired:

In the meantime, my earlier question is about whether he was an immigrant hasn't really been answered, but I discovered that Henry Bello is a Nigerian name (it could also be an Italian name, of course, but he doesn't look Italian) and a Nigerian news source thinks he was:

BREAKING!!! Nigerian doctor opens fire, Multiple people shot at Bronx Lebanon hospital, New York City Najalog, June 30, 2017.

In the meantime, expect a lot of news about gun laws (Dr. Bello allegedly used a gun that looked like an M16—illegal for New Yorkers to possess) and nothing about immigrants: see After The Successful Colorado Recall We Ask “Why Can Gun Grabbers Have A “Moral Panic” After An Immigrant Mass Murder, But Immigration Patriots Can’t?as well as “What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome?”

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