Immigrant Mass Murder, Averted: Muslim Teen Wanted To Shoot Up Texas Mall
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A Muslim teen named Matin Azizi-Yarand wanted to send a "message to America" by killing a bunch of Texans. He apparently made the mistake of talking about it online, which is a relief.

Authorities say they foiled an alleged ISIS-inspired attack on a Texas mall, By Marcus Moore, May 2, 2018

Texas law enforcement officials said they have foiled an alleged ISIS-inspired attack on a north Texas mall with the arrest of a teenager whom authorities said tried to recruit others to join his planned attack.

Matin Azizi-Yarand, 17, of Plano was arrested on Tuesday on charges he was plotting to shoot up the Stonebriar Centre Mall in neighboring Frisco, Texas, Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced in a statement.

Law enforcement officials say Azizi-Yarand had sent more than $1,400 to others for the purchase of weapons and body-armor. Authorities allege that he was planning to carry out the attack in mid-May. Officials say the teen also planned to “disseminate” a “Message to America” explaining the motives behind the alleged plot.

Azizi-Yarand talked online with undercover FBI confidential sources about his desire to either “make Hijrah [a Muslim term meaning to travel to a more desirable place],” or to conduct a terrorist attack within the United States, according to court documents.

Authorities said Azizi-Yarand even spent time at the Stonebriar mall planning how he would carry out the alleged plot. A court affidavit details the teen’s alleged communication with an FBI source, in which he’s accused of describing how he would kill a responding police officer.[More]

That last bit caused Greg Elfritz of ActiveReponseTraining to sit up and take notice:

Criminals study police tactics just like cops study about how criminals commit their crimes.  Read about this planned shooting/bombing terrorist attack on a mall.  Note what the would-be killer plans on doing to the responding cops:

“I’d actually like to make a cop surrender and drop his gun, then douse him with gasoline and burn him [and] record it,”

That’s not a very well thought out plan, but it is indicative of a larger issue.  It’s no secret that cops will be individually making immediate entry (except in Broward County) to stop an active killer event.  The killers know this.  They are also making contingency plans to deal with the responding officers or to take out any on-site cops/security before staring their massacres.

I predict that over time, these attacks will be better planned and better executed.  You cops reading this better bring your A-Game unless you want your fiery death live streamed on a jihadi website. [More]

Also, fewer Muslims in America would be good—the President was elected on that basis, and has tried to do something about it, but the courts keep blocking it.

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