Immigrant From Red China Upset At American Gun Rights
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Leland Yee, a California State Senator, immigrant, advocate for racism directed against white males, fugitive from justice, and Marxist, is a rabid opponent of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Like the Red Chinese government, Yee doesn't like an armed populace, probably reflective of his distinct hatred of whites, his Marxism, contempt for his country of residence, and deep fear of armed free citizens.

Yee and the local free commie rag SF Weekly, basically a weekly advertiser for marijuana dealers and prostitutes, have a current obsession with armed white Americans who have found a work-around on California's unconstitutional ban on certain rifles and shotguns.  Said weapons with detachable magazines are banned, but a loophole allowed for removal of a magazine with a tool.  Manufacturers quickly adopted weapons with a magazine release that requires activation with a tool.  Yee sees a threat from whites with such weapons and has proposed legislation to further a ban on said modifications.  And of course any opposition to his Red China like ban on firearms is racist.

SF Weekly July 12, 2012 by Erin Sherbert

Sen. Leland Yee Is Getting Threats Over His "Un-American" Gun-Control Bill

CBS reports that Yee's office has been fielding threats from gun enthusiasts who have launched a vicious campaign against the San Francisco Democrat's proposed gun-control bill. 

Senate Bill 249 aims to make the "bullet button" harder for gun lovers to use, which essentially means it will be that much harder for them to get fire assault weapons, which are illegal in California anyway. 


I wonder what " assault weapons..." are?

Needless to say, Yee's bill is pushing some buttons at the firing range; gun-toters have called his office, making racist threats, and telling him to "go back to Communist China."

Since Yee is from Red China, how is it racist to tell him to go back?  He would appear to be happier in Red China where there is very strict gun control and even stricter control of speech.

"Unfortunately there are many individuals in the state and in this country that look to the bill that I am carrying as really un-American. And I will tell you that I am probably as American as anyone else," Yee tells CBS .

Well, that certainly is an understatement spoken with a certain lack of conviction.  That sounds like an admission from Yee that he is probably not as American as anyone else. Perhaps a Freudian slip or what is called a gaff; an incident where a politician accidentally tells the truth. And not surprising given Yee's obsession with special privileges for non-English speakers and non-whites.  And his close policy proximity to a Communist dictatorship.  

And it is no surprise that this immigrant from China does not respect the Constitution, as other Chinese immigrants and their descendants have a problem with free speech and guns, like Ted Lieu and San Francisco's corrupt Red Chinese Mayor Ed Lee.

Perhaps someone should ask the anti-racism activists Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea about who supports the 2nd Amendment, people of color or those labeled racist?

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