Immigrant Flashmob In Canada
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Kathy Shaidle’s blog has this, with video from an Ottawa convenience store–


American-style black flash mobs finally come to Canada (video)

Gang of Somalis “feisty youths” swarm story owned by guy named Mohammed!

UPDATE: nine (and counting) pages of awfully un-Canadian comments.

Diversity!! Immigration!! Tolerance!!

(More on black flash mobs)

(Dear Jamie Long of SunNews: “feisty” is normally used as a positive adjective.)[More]

However, this is a little different from the African-American flashmobs, in that these aren’t African-Americans, or even black Canadians, they’re actual Africans. That means that their coordinating a “Social Media” flash mob is an example of assimilation, but not to the Canadian mainstream, but, unfortunately for Canada, to the African-American riot culture.

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