Rick Perry Is A Quick Learner–GOP Candidates Always Have Their College Transcripts Leak
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If you are a potential Republican Presidential candidate, you are likely to get your college transcript and/or test scores leaked to the press. For some reason that doesn’t seem to happen to Democratic candidates.

For example, everybody in the media could just tell that John Kerry had higher grades at Yale than George W. Bush. In 1999, The New Yorker printed Bush’s GPA (77, a C+) and SAT score (1206, about 1300 post 1995. But nothing came out about John F. Kerry except a cryptic page in his data dump of military records recounting his scores on the Naval Officer Qualifying test in 1996. In 2004, I pointed out they were even lousier than Bush’s on the Air Force Officer Qualifying test in 1968. When asked about my analysis by Tom Brokaw, Kerry replied that he must have been out drinking the night before. In 2005, however, it emerged that Kerry’s grade point average at Yale was a 76.

While President Obama’s grades and test scores are carried around in the nuclear code football by that Air Force officer (just kidding, nobody knows where they are), Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Texas A&M transcript has already been leaked, and he hasn’t even announced he’s running. It makes for pretty good reading. For example, Perry got a C in Phys. Ed. his fall semester of his sophomore year, but by his spring semester, he was all the way up to a B. So, he’s a quick learner.

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