"Illegal Alien," Redux
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In one of Joe Guzzardi's two columns on 3/27/09, he raised the familiar subject of "illegal alien" as a technically correct term that the delicate souls of the no-borders lobby can't abide. Joe cited Title 8, Section 1325 ["8 USC 1325"] of the U.S. Code as an example of where "illegal alien" appears in official government documents.

However, 8 USC 1325 doesn't actually use "illegal alien." Nevertheless, a search of the entire U.S Code at the Cornell University Law School's website yields 59 hits. So "illegal alien" is certainly there, copiously, within the Code.

Here's one example, with the disputed-by-the-ninnies phrase italicized throughout:

Title 8, Section 1365. Reimbursement of States for costs of incarcerating illegal aliens and certain Cuban nationals

(a) Reimbursement of States Subject to the amounts provided in advance in appropriation Acts, the Attorney General shall reimburse a State for the costs incurred by the State for the imprisonment of any illegal alien or Cuban national who is convicted of a felony by such State. (b) Illegal aliens convicted of a felony An illegal alien referred to in subsection (a) of this section is any alien who is any alien convicted of a felony who is in the United States unlawfully and– (1) whose most recent entry into the United States was without inspection, or (2) whose most recent admission to the United States was as a nonimmigrant and– (A) whose period of authorized stay as a nonimmigrant expired, or (B) whose unlawful status was known to the Government, before the date of the commission of the crime for which the alien is convicted.

[I omit parts c, d, and e of 8 USC 1365.]

Links to most of the immigration-related sections of the U.S. Code, along with some commentary, are at this page of the Montanans for Immigration Law Enforcement website.

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