Asian Who Idolized Cho Seung Hui Goes On Trial For Threats To Survivors
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The Washington Post story about Filipino-American accused John Balasta Napa, pictured at right, says

"He's a pretty intense individual," said Seda, who participated in the search of Napa's house. He said people who knew Napa described him as a loner who idolized Cho and cheered for Cho when he watched TV news reports about the Virginia Tech shooting.

Seda said that Napa's intensity, small frame and close-cropped hair caused him to "resemble the Virginia Tech shooter." [Man Said to Idolize Va. Tech Shooter Faces Trial Defendant | Allegedly Owned the Same Type of Guns as Cho and Sent Threatening E-Mails By Allison Klein Washington Post, March 30, 2009]

Actually, what makes him physically resemble the Virginia Tech shooter is that he's Asian, a fact not mentioned anywhere in the story. That may have something to do with his alleged cheering for Cho Seung Hui.
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