Brimelow "Extreme"? Houston Chronicle Readers Maul Monty
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"GOP must call Obama’s bluff on immigration" [Houston Chronicle, March 29] seemed like an interesting headline. But the article, by Jacob Monty, was just the usual once-more-into the breach boosterism about how the GOP's only option is to focus on Hispanics, with no attempt to meet the counter arguments presented here many times. Yawn.Heather MacDonald and I make an appearance because we are examples of
the extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric of many in the so-called Republican ”base” [that] has created a huge obstacle to the party’s appeals
In my case, it's because I recently told Michael Ruhl of the University of New Mexico’s Talk Radio News Service that ”the issue in the immigration debate is not racism or xenophobia, it’s treason.” I certainly do think this blatant attempt to import Hispanic and other ethnic Fifth Columns into the U.S. is a species of treason. Analogously, it will be fascinating to see how Avigdor Lieberman implements his proposal that the Arab minority take loyalty oaths as he enters the government of our Israeli ally, and how this innovative policy is reported in the U.S.Far more interesting than Monty's maundering is the comment thread. Not for the first time, it's clear that a lot of Americans really get the immigration issue. For example:
Monty infers that Heather Mac Donald is an extremist based on this quote- "National Review Online contributor Heather MacDonald writes of ”the growing underclass culture among second- and third-generation Hispanic Americans.”This is extremism? It is the honest truth - backed by hard facts and diligent research. Ms Mac Donald is a well-respected scholar and author. With illiteracy, illegitimate teen pregnancy, 60-70% school drop out rates, high crime stats, coupled with no or limited English skills prevalent among the Hispanic community, it is undeniable that the underclass is there and growing. At least Republicans are honest.
If Monty's analysis were correct, Hispanic voters would have voted overwhelmingly for McCain...the most pro immigration candidate ever nominated by either political party.
Funny how the Chronicle does not identify Jacob Monty, as they usually give attribution to outside opinionators. A very curious omission. Who is he? - A Hispanic immigration attorney in Houston - who makes money off illegal aliens. Getting immigration policy advice from this guy is like getting financial advice from Bernie Madoff. No thanks.
I checked, and Jacob Monty is indeed an immigration attorney. Email, other contact info here. (Be polite!) Comment to Houston Chronicle here.
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