Illegal Alien Decapitated by Teenagers—In Mexico!
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Here is a grisly crime, worthy of outrage. Two teenagers (13 and 15) murdered an illegal alien by decapitation. Afterwards, the young murderers cast the victim's body into an abandoned well, put the head in a backpack and dumped it on a pile 150 meters away. Thanks to a tip from a local citizen, police found the remains three days later and the boys are being prosecuted. They aren't, however, being prosecuted for commission of a hate crime . Why not? Because it happened in Mexico, in Ciudad Acuna (across the river from Del Rio, Texas). The illegal alien was from Honduras, had only been in the border town for a week, and was planning to cross over into the United States. The adolescent killers were Mexicans. According to the report in El Universal, Mexico's paper of record, the victim was earning money in the border town by washing cars, biding his time to cross the border into the United States. However, soon after having arrived in Acuna, the Honduran had gotten crossways of the 13 and 15 year olds who later killed him. The killers also worked washing cars. In Mexico, some young men work in the informal economy by washing cars in a public place . Given that the victim and his killers were car washers, is it possible that it resulted from some sort of work-related dispute? Was this Honduran illegal alien horning in on their work site, or washing cars cheaper and thus undercutting their earnings? This is just speculation. But it's a possibility. Whatever the specific causes, it's yet another result of the international migration of illegal aliens which causes so much havoc.
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