Bryanna Remembers Jack Kemp
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Ok, Jack Kemp died and my sympathies certainly go out to his family.

That being said…

My first big political campaign was working (basically as a coffee-fetching, dog walking, and phone answering lackey) for the Dole/Kemp Presidential campaign in California. So yes, I am grateful for all the opportunities that came my way as a result of their employment.

Again, that being said…

The obituaries, especially from the more conservative media outlets, are so favorably discriminating it boggles the mind. More than that, what is going to happen when all the "not so fluffy" stories come out about Kemp…and they will.

For example, during a campaign stop in central California I was lucky enough to check out the tour bus. Oh yeah, eager-beaver interns will work 20 hour days, everyday, for free just so we can walk behind the Velvet Rope…for a couple of seconds.

The tour bus had everything a mobile political army would generally have but with two umm…accessories:

  • Enough footballs to stock every sporting goods store in the Western Hemisphere and;
  • Bo Derek
Oh yeah, the "10" herself was for some reason along for the ride. (And wow…she really is gorgeous.) Immediately the lackey interns start gossiping about what we saw on the bus and the footballs were obvious: everywhere they went people wanted Jack Kemp to sign one for them.

And Jack Kemp was very gracious to sign as many as people wanted no matter how much of his time that demanded.

But getting back to Bo…while discussing her appearance it was discovered that Mr. Kemp loved at least one thing more than football and that was girls, girls, and more girls.

He never behaved inappropriately towards me but I can attest for more than a handful of girls from that campaign trail who would say otherwise: and some fought him off and some did not.

It was never proven that Bo Derek was involved with Jack Kemp-just rumored. Unfortunately, while the gossip mongers ran wild with those allegations there were far too many legitimate claims by other women to not at least consider the possibility: where there is smoke, there is fire.

Jack Kemp was basically a good guy; a good guy who sometimes made mistakes just like the rest of us…isn't that not a good enough eulogy?

Funny enough, I think the ultra-modest Jack Kemp I met would actually be happy with that description of himself.

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