Hawaiian Gardens raid: No ICE? Not nice.
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The Federale blog, moving faster than I did, posted on Friday a characteristically original analysis of the Hawaiian Gardens Dragnet: Ethnic Cleansing, American Style Federale is focused on his expertise: understanding what the U.S. Government is up to. He goes straight to the point:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were not involved. It was an FBI operation along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. While the press release mentions ICE as part of the Los Angeles High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, ICE was prominently not mentioned as an actively participating agency….It is frightening, and telling, that ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal aliens, one of the few areas where the FBI does not have primary federal law enforcement authority, was not involved.

Of course, a moment’s thought reveals that this is very peculiar. The odds that maybe half of any given group of Hispanics in southern California is illegal must be very high. And given that the authorities’ tactical approach was throw any criminal charge which might stick:

(The indictments detail attempted murder, kidnapping, firearms, narcotics and other charges related to attacks by the gang
Latino gang accused of targeting blacks near LA By THOMAS WATKINS AP May 22 2009)

the complete absence of any Immigration charges is highly revealing.

Federale understands what it reveals

ICE will not apply the resources or the techniques to find and arrest large numbers of illegals. In cases like Hawaiian Gardens, the most effective technique is a sweep of the town for illegals; deploying large numbers of agents on the streets to question and arrest illegal aliens, including targeting schools, welfare offices, places of employment and the commercial establishments that illegal patronize….But, just as Janet Reno Napalitano refused to participate in the investigation into the murders of blacks by illegal and legal aliens, she is refusing to take any action to cleanse Hawaiian Gardens of the sea in which the killers swim, the illegal and legal alien population. That is the story of immigration law enforcement under Obama.

What, then, triggered the action? Federale’s assessment of this is even more alarming:

The law enforcement philosophy of the FBI is to be involved in everything and to apply no long term enforcement action to any law enforcement problem.
    Why, because long term application to a problem results in little publicity, which is the FBIs lifeline.

In some ways this is justified, as the U.S. Attorney's Offices (USAO) and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice (main Justice) are as fickle as the prom queen on crime. One day a certain crime is priority, the next day another crime is the priority

(VDARE.com emphasis)

So what crime became "the priority"?

To me, it looks like it was ”Hate”. As the AP story above reported:

The investigation of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang began in June 2005 after the murder of Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Luis Gerardo "Jerry" Ortiz. Jose Luis Orozco, a member of the gang, was sentenced to death in 2007 for the killing…. "It was this hatred of African-Americans that may have spurred the attack on Deputy Jerry Ortiz, who was killed trying to arrest a gang member suspected of trying to shoot an African-American man in the back," O'Brien said.

Note that the killer of Officer Ortiz was convicted two years ago. But it seems fashion-conscious U.S. Attorney O’Brien sensed the need to generate ”Hate Crime” publicity.

What this means is that the push to get political controls in place under the guise of ”Hate Crimes” is very serious. This is a desperate matter.

(E mail alerts on the Hate Crimes legislation can be signed up for at the top of this site)

(Federale has conclusive dissections of the Obama Administration’s subterfuge to evade enforcing immigration law here and here.)

As Federale says

The bureaucracy has millions of ways not to do their jobs. Believe me, I know...........

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