If Obama Can't Be Criticized Because It's "Racism," And Hillary Can't Be Criticized Because It's "Mansplaining", Then America Needs A President You CAN Criticize: A White Male
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This is from James Taranto's Best Of The Web column in the WSJ today:
Man Mansplains to Man “If there’s one thing I know as a man, it’s that women love it when men publicly police women’s tone and tell them to smile,” mansplains Puffington Host bro Nick Wing:
A number of male pundits put this axiom to the test on Tuesday, offering some totally friendly, not-at-all sexist advice to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she delivered a victory speech following Democratic presidential primary wins in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.
It doesn’t seem to occur to Wing that criticizing politicians is a pundit’s job.
In 2007, before he was elected President, I said of Obama that  "anything you say about Obama is a gaffe". That's because Obama is black, and anything you say about a black person can be called racist. By the same token, anything you say about a woman can be called sexist.

Nick Wing, who is "Senior Viral Editor" at the Huffington Post thinks Brit Hume shouldn't have criticized Mrs. Clinton for "shouting angrily":

But not only is it weird to criticize any candidate for speaking loudly at a campaign rally filled with screaming supporters, it seems like this is exactly the sort of trivial criticism that pundits would feel less inclined to loft at a male politician.

Male Pundits To Hillary Clinton: Quiet Down And Smile More | How about you stop doing this, March 15, 2016

Trust me, white male politicians get criticized for their "tone" all the time. That's why I would suggest electing a President who is a non-Hispanic white male, because the President is not supposed to be above criticism.

With Donald Trump in the White House, I think I can guarantee you that people will feel free to speak out against him.

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