IDF: 'One Million Refugees Headed For Israel'
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That's the headline on an October 15 story by Rebacca Stoll in the Jerusalem Post:

IDF units responsible for guarding Israel's expansive western border with Egypt said Thursday that there are one million would-be infiltrators from Africa waiting to cross the mostly barrier-less border and enter Israel illegally...

After hearing the briefing by IDF officers, the committee's members called upon the government to immediately initiate the IDF contingency plan that was approved by the Olmert administration, known as "Hourglass."...

Committee Chairman Ya'acov Katz called upon the defense establishment to begin immediate work on one of the salient features of the proposed project - the erection of an electronic fence along hundreds of kilometers of isolated borderlands with Egypt....

But not all residents of the South are quite so enthusiastic regarding any cuts to the number of foreign workers in the work force. Even as Katz and his committee toured the Negev, farmers in the isolated Arava Valley put the finishing touches on their plans to launch a massive demonstration this coming Sunday to protest cuts to the number of foreign workers that they can employ on their farms.

(Hat tip, DP).

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