ICE SVU Still Targeting The FBI, Ignoring Actual Illegals
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently announced a multi-State indictment in a child-prostitution network, mostly located in the ever so multicultural San Francisco Bay Area.

SFGate July 30, 2013 by Henry K. Lee

12 Children Rescued In Bay Area Prostitution Sweep

Authorities rescued 12 children forced to work as prostitutes and arrested 21 suspected pimps in the Bay Area as part of a three-day, nationwide sweep targeting child sex trafficking, the FBI said Monday.

The Bay Area had the highest number of child prostitutes who were rescued and the most pimps taken into custody between Wednesday and Sunday in the latest in a series of nationwide sweeps, known as Operation Cross Country.

Across the nation, 105 children were rescued, and 150 pimps were arrested in 76 cities, authorities said. Detroit and Milwaukee had the second-highest number of child prostitutes rescued, with 10 each, the FBI said. Three teens were rescued in Hayward, three in Sonoma County, two in Oakland and one each in Concord and San Jose. Alameda County and Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies each rescued one juvenile in their respective jurisdictions.

Five suspected pimps were taken into custody in South San Francisco. Four suspected pimps were arrested in Sonoma County, two each in Oakland, Hayward and Contra Costa County and one each in Concord, Daly City, San Jose and San Mateo.

In Oakland, two girls were rescued along International Boulevard in the Fruitvale District, said Oakland police Lt. Kevin Wiley. "Our goal is to get as many girls off the streets as possible, to rescue these children." Wiley said children are the most vulnerable victims because "they bring the most money, and they're easier to manipulate."

If this sounds familiar, and I am not referring to the penchant for the San Francisco Bay Area to have all too many perverts living there, but that the FBI sting, Operation Cross Country, is no different from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit's (ICE SVU) Operation iGuardian, where ICE SVU displayed its penchant for acting outside its jurisdiction and poaching on other agencies, like the FBI or the DEA.

An interesting aside is that it took the FBI, and not the Attorney General for the State of California, Kamala Harris, to investigate child sex trafficking.  Harris, the former District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, was well known for her toleration of child and other prostitution, mostly because in the City and County of San Francisco, child prostitution involved alien prostitutes and alien procurers.  She did not want attention brought to the new people she and the Democrat Party were trying to elect.  

Also of note, ICE SVU, despite being the sex police, ignores alien prostitution in the San Francisco and environs in favor of crimes not involving illegal aliens.  The San Francisco Bay Area is a magnet for alien prostitutes, both those here legally and those here illegally.  But they are unmolested so to speak by ICE SVU as it does not want to get involved in arresting aliens.  It has much more important work to do, such as searching flea markets for stolen goods.  

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