We Blew Past Our Goal And The Momentum Hasn't Stopped!
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It’s not even January 1 and we hit our fundraising goal!

This is record-breaking.

Never in the history of VDARE Foundation have we hit our funding goal before January 1. Normally, we get there only as checks filter in sometime the first week of the new year.

But this year, the Historic American Nation is speaking loud and clear—we need patriotic immigration reform and America First journalism and we need it NOW!

As of this writing, we are at $208,350.75 of our $200,000 goal—and I know several donors who tell me they haven’t yet mailed their final gifts.

There is still time to donate tax deductibly in 2021, but that time is running out! There are only a few hours left. Every dollar we bring in —including over and above our goal—goes to fund VDARE.com website, content and activities in 2022. If you have ever considered donating to VDARE Foundation before, please do it now.

And to all of you that have joined the fight and gotten us to this point, thank you! We’re honored to have earned your continued support.

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