ICE Fails To Reach Goal Of 400,000 Deportations
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John Morton, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has repeatedly stated that ICE has the budget to only deport 400,000 aliens each Fiscal Year (FY). ICE, however, consistently fails to reach that goal, sometimes despite desperate efforts. The Obama Regime has failed in each FY and FY 2011 is no exception:
AFP October 13, 2011

WASHINGTON — US authorities deported 397,000 undocumented immigrants, of which 210,000 had criminal records in the fiscal year just concluded, the top immigration enforcer told lawmakers Wednesday.

John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), offered the figure at a congressional hearing, which would outpace the records of 390,000 illegals and 195,000 with criminal records in the prior fiscal year.

"The numbers are quite strong," he told the House Judiciary Committee.
Morton said that with "limited resources," his agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, is focusing on "priority" cases — including those who pose dangers to public safety or who are fugitives from justice.

Also in this category are persons crossing the border from Mexico, in some cases returning after being sent back.

In the face of questions about the administration's toughness on immigration, Morton said ICE had held some 25,000 hearings for businesses suspected of hiring illegals, and had arrested 217 employers along with 15,000 undocumented workers, and had imposed $6 million in fines in the fiscal year ended September 30.

Committee chairman Lamar Smith told the hearing, however, that the administration "doesn't often take enforcement of ICE's immigration laws seriously enough."

He argued that officials "intentionally allowed illegal immigrants to remain in the United States" by using "backdoor amnesty through administrative action even if it can't get congressional approval."

Smith said the claim that ICE is focusing on priority cases is "just a slick way of saying they don't want to enforce immigration laws. ICE has shown little interest in actually deporting illegal immigrants who have not yet been convicted of what they call 'serious' crimes."
From FY 2010, the total increase in deportations, if one accepts the 397,000 number, and that is a big if, it is suspiciously round for the number of removals, is only 4,138 aliens. Not much of an achievement. And such round numbers like that just don't look like government statistics. And it by necessity included suspicously large increases of deportations for August and September FY 2011 as has been shown. Removals by ICE in FY 2011 have been decreasing since April FY 2011, then suddenly increased in the last two months of the fiscal year. Also of interest is that the increase in FY 2010 deportations was only 3,028 illegal aliens from FY 2009.
More importantly, it appears that ICE is continuing to refuse to use expedited removal against criminal aliens. It is still using the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) to remove criminal aliens, which is a slow and expensive process. About $12,000.00 per alien expensive. But it is much cheaper and faster to use expedited removal to remove criminal aliens, but the Obama Regime continues to refuse to use expedited removal. It would rather deport fewer criminal aliens at a greater cost than to remove more illegal aliens at a lower cost. It is playing a game with the ultimate goal of allowing criminal and other aliens to remain.

ICE has yet to release the full breakdown of removals per month in FY 2011, it still has only ten months of figures for FY 2011 on its website. So we won't know how they supposedly increased deportations in FY 2011 in the last two months. To reach the 397,000 number for FY 2011, they would have had to remove 36,140.5 illegal aliens for August and September FY 2011. Still a huge increase over June and July FY 2011 which were 34,043 and 29,096 respectively.

At best ICE still failed to reach its claim that it has the budget to deport 400,000 illegal aliens and only managed to increase the numbers it deported by 4,000. Not much of an achievement and clearly using deliberately low expectations of its potential.

It is certain that the number of aliens deported have been falsified or manipulated. We await the details in the deportation numbers. It is in the details we will catch the conscience of the king...

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