Huckabee (!) Carries Iowa Immigration Patriots; Ron Paul Asleep
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The New York Times has just reported that Mike Huckabee(!) carried a plurality (36%) of Iowa caucus-goers who said immigration was their top issue. And it was the top top issue: named by a third of the caucus-goers, vs. only 17% for the war in Iraq.

I say (!) because Huckabee's record on illegal immigration (and race-pandering in general) is awful, appalling, terrible. Even worse, like George W. Bush in 2000, he is obviously emotionally committed to illegal immigration. Just recently, he instantly equated the attempt to deny illegals tax-payer funded scholarships with being beastly to children.

Neverthless, Huckabee has simply been able to outpromise his rivals. This has taken some doing, because there's been a gratifying bidding war. But Huckabee now has one of the strongest patriotic immigration reform platforms according to NumbersUSA.

Of course, you have to wonder at the sincerity, and even stability, of anyone who can flip-flop like this. But it worked. In contrast, Ron Paul started with one of the strongest, and obviously sincere, patriotic reform platforms and has let the issue be taken away from him. He got only 9% of Iowa immigration reformers.

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