Dealing with Unruly Illegal Aliens
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Immigration authorities have announced that unruly illegal aliens in detention centers will be segregated from other detainees for 5 days. Apparently, they are currently allowed to isolate them indefinitely, but non-government organizations defending human rights of illegal aliens had demanded that there be some kind of limit on such segregation. So immigration authorities finally settled on 5 days as the maximum for segregation of unruly illegal aliens, although the NGOs had held out for 3 days.

Furthermore, immigration authorities have charged that some groups fighting for human rights of detained illegals are really criminal organizations, and some are actually profiting off illegal immigration!

By the way, did I mention that this story took place in Mexico? It's Mexican immigration authorities who isolate unruly illegal alien detainees , and who criticized human rights organizations!

Meanwhile, down south in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, detained Cuban illegal aliens - joined by Central Americans—have rioted in a Mexican detention center, protesting against violations of human rights and bad food. The press was not allowed inside the facility, but they saw the police go there and could hear the shouting and see smoke coming out of the facility.

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