Howie Carr: Migrants In Comfort Inn In Rockland, MA Enjoying Free Dry Cleaning Service At Your Expense
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Update on the migrants living in Rockland, MA. According to Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr, the migrants living at the Comfort Inn in Rockland are also enjoying free dry cleaning service.

Bring your dirty clothes to the lobby by 9 and you have everything back by 5 p.m., folded and placed in a bag with the room number on it. Cost is around $3.15 per pound, bags usually run 10-20 pounds. The illegals usually use the gringo-provided services maybe three times a week. So we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars a week per “shelter”—just for their same-day dry-cleaning services.
Horrors of the Migrant Crisis Just The Beginning, by Howie Carr, Boston Herald, March 17, 2024

Some migrants have even bought new cars with their cash allowances and are parking them outside the Comfort Inn.

Let me repeat my urgent question: Given that there is no way this expanding policy can be maintained indefinitely: What happens when these migrants are released from all these hotels and shelters with nowhere to go except the public streets?


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