Migrant Rapes Child At Rockland, Massachusetts Hotel
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I blogged recently about Governor Maura Healey’s Administration paying $64 a day to feed each migrant currently placed in Massachusetts hotels. One of those hotels was recently the scene of a rape committed by a Haitian migrant against another Haitian migrant [Man living at hotel housing migrants charged with child rape, by Molly Farrar, Boston.com, March 15, 2024].

The migrants have been living at the Comfort Inn in working-class Rockland since October, 2023. According to Rockland Town Administrator Douglas Lapp, “The town had absolutely no say in that decision” [Man accused of raping girl, 15, at Mass. hotel being used as migrant shelter, by Veronica Haynes, WCVB.com, March 14, 2024]. The more affluent towns surrounding Rockland are not housing migrants (yet).

Remember, Healey has actually called on citizens of the Commonwealth to take migrants into their own homes at their own expense, even though she has chosen not to invite any migrants into her own home despite the fact that she has no children.

Such crimes are surely happening all the time in the migrant tsunami, but at least now they have begun to make the mainstream news.

We can’t house these migrants in hotels forever. What happens when the authorities release these migrants out on the streets to fend for themselves? This is the question we must raise this election season. If we do not address this problem quickly then America will suffer a kind of social chaos we have never seen before.

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