How We Can Finally Catch Up With China: If It Degenerates Into Ethnic Strife, Too
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If we can't manage saving, bolstering the dollar and manufacturing our own damn cheap electronics, we can at least watch China get hobbled by its own ethnic conflicts:

 Ethnic clashes in China's northwest leave 27 dead

Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY 1:47 p.m. EDT June 26, 2013

Twenty-seven people died in mob attacks on police stations and other buildings in China's Muslim northwest Wednesday in the latest deadly incident to undermine Beijing's claims of harmonious ethnic relations.

Attackers in a province where people have lashed out at China controls in the past stabbed several police and security officials and set police cars on fire Wednesday, according to state news agency Xinhua.[More]

 Left to its own devices, my suspicion is that that China would crack down mercilessly on Uighur (wee-gur) uprisings.  Therefore, it's crucial that America's formidable liberal forces deploy maximum weaponry to make this a distraction for China, thus advancing our position relative to them by dragging them into the multicultural muck.

Troops, muster!  American press, I order you to load up as much sobby coverage as possible, portraying the Han Chinese as the new Nazis and the Uighurs/Muslims as the new Jews.  White House, demand trade sanctions if Uighurs aren't given their human rights.  Congress, propose punishing legislation along the same lines.

CIA, get Al Qaeda involved on the side of the Uighurs.  Maybe Pakistan, too, if you can swing it.

Hollywood, you know what to do.  I'm talking to you, Steven Spielberg.

Can we get an $PLC foreign office in Beijing?

Let's not miss this fantastic opportunity to do some foot-binding.  Patriotic duty calls

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