How Often Do They Call Liberals Extreme?
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I stumbled across a New York Times and noticed the term "right wing extremism." [Santorum’s Super Tuesday Message: Romney Is a Liar, By David Firestone, March 6, 2012, 10:31 am]

This got me thinking. The lamestream media frequently calls conservatives "extreme" but how often do they call liberals extreme?

I did a search on LEXIS for "right wing extremism" in its major newspapers database over the past 5 years.  "Right wing extremism" shows up 305 times. I did the same for "left wing extremism" and it shows up merely 20 times. Major newspapers call conservatives extreme 15 times more frequently than they do liberals.

What about the Wall Street Journal? "Right wing extremism" and "left wing extremism" both occurred 3 times.

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