El Nuevo Día Article on Allan Wall's Puerto Rico Libre Column
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My recent VDARE.COM article entitled ¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre! Free Puerto Rico (And The U.S.) Now! received a lot of publicity thanks to an article about it posted on the website of El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico's most widely read newspaper. The article is entitled Puerto Rico sería el Caballo de Troya de la hispanización de EE.UU. That means "Puerto Rico would be the Trojan Horse of the Hispanicization of the United States", taken from a characterization in my article. 

There was some obligatory reference to unnamed "civil rights groups" describing VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow as a "white nationalist" and "anti-immigrant", but the writer did not dwell on this and simply reported it in passing.

Overall, the Delgado article was fairly done and accurately summarized my column without distortion. It was much fairer than anything about us published in a typical hit piece by the SPLC or Media Matters. Basically, the writer described my point of view without passing judgement one way or the other. What a novel journalistic concept!

And, the article provided a link to my column, which is the fair thing to do, and enabled me to dialogue with a number of Puerto Rican readers, with varying opinions on the future of the island. See my sequel, Dialoguing Puerto Rico's Destiny with Puerto Ricans.

For those who'd like to consult the Delgado article in Spanish, click here
Here is a translation of the text of the article:

 Puerto Rico sería el Caballo de Troya de la hispanización de EE.UU. 
Jose A. Delgado el Nuevo Día Feb. 10th, 2012

WASHINGTON - Allan Wall, columnist of the internet page VDARE.com has indicated that Puerto Rico would be the Trojan Horse of the Hispanicization of the United States if the island were accepted as the 51st state. Considering that Puerto Rico has a national identity and distinct culture, Wall wrote an essay against statehood entitled “¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre! Free Puerto Rico (And The U.S.) Now!.

Wall’s column was published yesterday, the same day that the founder of VDARE.COM, Peter Brimelow, participated in a forum about ‘English Only’ in the annual conference of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which meets this weekend in Washington.

Brimelow has been described by civil rights groups as a "white nationalist" and "anti-immigrant".

Wall refers to the recent expressions of the Republican presidential primary candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, that they would help Puerto Rico to promote statehood in the Congress if that option wins the referendum called for by the government of Luis Fortuno next November.

“Shouldn’t Americans have a say in whether or not Puerto Rico becomes a state? And would it really be good for Puerto Rico itself, in the long run?”
asks Wall, in remarking that Puerto Rico has “a society” and a common language distinct from that of the United States.

“They are a distinct people and consider themselves a distinct people. It’s in their land, it’s in the society, it’s in their hearts. They are Puerto Ricans, and they feel it” added Wall, a former soldier who lived in Mexico.

Among other things, he asks what the United States would do if Puerto Rico sends federal legislators to Congress who don’t dominate English?

And he agrees with Puerto Ricans such as the the president of the  Partido Independentista Puertoriqueño (PIP), Ruben Berrios Martinez, and the Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez in that Puerto Ricans have their own national identity, an inalienable right to independence and have never supported statehood.

“Congress should pass an independence resolution and start working out the details ” indicated Wall, who recognizes that there are key issues to negotiate, such as  U.S. citizenship and the future of federal lands in Puerto Rico.  




















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