How Long Before Black Caucus Demands Hillary Brings in Europe's Surplus African Immivaders?
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H/T Photo and caption Bayernkurier

The wonderful news source The New Observer has just posted Italy’s New African Invasion Crisis August 22, 2016

The closing of the Swiss border to the hordes of Africans pouring into Italy across the Mediterranean has sparked a new crisis for Italy—with at least 144,210 of them now “stranded” in that country.

According to the European Union border protection agency Frontex, the number of Africans who invaded Italy in July 2016 stood at 25,300.

Switzerland—the preferred invasion route to get to Germany—has adopted a policy of turning back all those nonwhite invaders who do not lodge an asylum request in Switzerland.

The Africans, however, all want to take advantage of Angela Merkel’s open borders policy, and have little or no interest in stopping in Switzerland.

Earlier this month The New Observer reported Nonwhite Invasion of Europe Unabated August 6 2016
The nonwhite invasion of Europe has continued unabated this year, and the first six months has already seen over 230,000 Third Worlders cross the Mediterranean Sea—more than last year at this time.

This figure is also more than the total number of nonwhites who invaded Europe in all of 2014.

And the more detailed African Invaders Storming France, Switzerland August 10 2016 pointed out
France has refused to officially let the Africans in, insisting that the European Union rules on “asylum” state that they should remain in the first country of landing to make their asylum claims.

This rule, set out in the “Dublin Agreement,” was unilaterally abrogated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year when she invited the Third World to come to Germany...

Most of these invaders came from Eritrea, Gambia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Somalia

The story raised an important point:
As reported in Die Welt newspaper, the German-Swiss border town of Weil am Rhein in southern Baden has now been “overwhelmed” with the influx of fake asylum seekers from Africa.

It is clear that the Africans had been told to make for the police station, as many of them carried pieces of paper with its address. Officers working at the local police station told Die Welt that the Africans do not have travel documents, and that the only German word they speak is “asyl.”

The point about Weil am Rhein is that a small enclave of Switzerland is across the Rhine River south of it so it is easy to enter Germany which is otherwise difficult because of the river.

Who told them? Sniff! Sniff! Do I smell George Soros Dollars?

This particular immivasion is an unmitigated disaster. The average IQ in the supplying countries is 70 - ‘borderline retardation’ as JP Rushton remarked in his article for us I.Q.: Why Africa is Africa – and Haiti Haiti in 2004.

The upside is these intruders are not bright enough to organize Rotherham or Oxford-like and similar atrocities.  They will merely rob, rape, murder, and live off welfare.

For America, there is a terrible danger. The Black Caucus may pause in their looting, notice they are being overshadowed by the Hispanic influx, and demand that Hilary Clinton-Merkel promise to bring in additional supporters for them.

Time for The Donald to demand a preemptive renunciation!

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