TNR: A Weed Website Is Racist for Calling Itself "Civilized"
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From The New Republic:
What Makes a Weed Website Racist?

A new digital publication aims to “civilize” cannabis culture. That’s a problem.

Shouldn’t that be “That’s problematic”?

January 19, 2017

When I recently suggested to Derek Riedle, the founder of a new digital publication focused on “highbrow cannabis culture,” that his website may be racist, he was mortified. …

We were speaking on the phone because I had received an email from a publicist for the website, called Civilized. It’s strapline is, “Cannabis Culture Elevated.” The branding shocked me so much that I sent a very rude email back about five seconds later. This word—civilized—has such clearly racist overtones, to me. But this website’s strange brand identity lodged itself under my skin like a splinter. I wanted to speak to the person who thought this word was suitable. …

Josephine Livingstone is a staff writer at The New Republic. @Jo_Livingstone

In case you’re wondering what race the author is, Josephine Livingstone looks kind of like Rebel Wilson: just as hostile but not as funny …

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