How Crazy Is Marc "The Insanity Of Blaming Islam" Ambinder? Look Who Noticed!
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As I said on an earlier occasion, there’s an old story in the British Army about a cavalry officer who was so stupid that the other cavalry officers started to notice it. In the same vein, I’ve written that I once knew an  “ex-alcoholic, ex-lumberjack who told me that when he was a lumberjack, his nickname was “Psycho.” I said “Excuse me, do you mean that you were so crazy that the other lumberjacks called you ‘Psycho’?”

So here, once again, it's John Podhoretz who takes the role of the cavalry officer/lumberjack * in stating that a pundit is crazy, and you know that means that (unless he's got things backward) that

Yes, he's right:

The insanity of blaming Islam

By March Ambinder

The Week

April 19, 2013, at 5:16 PM

We are still speculating about virtually everything right now, but I feel as though I need to explain why I find the quick and easy conversation about Muslims being radicalized in America to be so illogical and laced with bigotry.[More]

OK, Marc Ambinder has no idea why, when Muslim immigrants commit Islamic terrorism in a Christian country, normal people could possibly blame the Religion of Peace.™ People who notice things like that, he says, commit "the sin of essentialism." OK, he is crazy.

* Either dim or mental, i mean, not leading cavalry charges and chopping down trees.

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