How Can Open Borders Zealot Joe Lieberman Be A Suitable FBI Chief For A Trump Administration?
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Horrible news: Trump says Joe Lieberman is top contender for new FBI director by Ashley Parker, The Washington Post Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lieberman spent 24 years in the Senate and compiled a NumbersUSA career ranking of F. That means that not only did he vote against any attempt to tighten immigration controls, he also voted against efforts to enforce existing law. A wonderful qualification for a senior law enforcement officer!

Peter Gadiel in Bush Betrays Republican, Backs Open-Borders Lieberman In CT Senate Race detailed Lieberman’s appalling record for us - including his use of his Senate position to prevent effective enforcement:

Consequently, the 9/11 Commission recommended …passing legislation to require that all applicants for US driving licenses prove that they actually are the person whom they claim to be.

The House of Representatives passed HR 10, a bill that included these requirements. But Lieberman would not permit that bill to go anywhere in the Senate.

Of course Lieberman was a hero to the Neoconservatives who loved his hawkish Invade The World, Invite The World stance. No doubt only the extreme leftism of Connecticut kept him from snuggling closer to them by switching affiliation

This stance on Immigration (and consequently national identity) is of course in jarring contrast with his knee jerk support for Israel, where they order things differently. Practicing double standards on this scale ought to disqualify automatically for a Policing position.

What could this enemy of what the Trump Campaign stood for (read the link above) be doing in a Trump Administration?

Or is it the Kushner Administration?

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